About Us

beyonddesign – an aspiring digital studio based in basel. our stunning websites will help you to reach your deserved brilliant digital reputation!

beyonddesign was founded by three graduates united by one vision: We want to create spectacular webpages which are reasonably priced.

Since the web has become an indispensable part of our life, your company needs its distinctive website in order to stay one step ahead of its competitors. Remember: There’s only one chance to make a first impression. With your new website – created beyond your beliefs – people will automatically choose you over anyone else. As passionate web designers, we strive to make our customers happy and therefore surely are the ones who should take care of your digital reputation.

office switzerland
beyond corporation gmbh
Hofackerrain 235
CH-4247 Grindel
hello@beyonddesign.ch +41 79 197 76 18